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Looking for the best new user promo codes for celsius network? Creating a new account and want to get the best bonus on sign up? This community-ran site helps index the best, current, and active promotional codes!

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Types of promo codes

First transfers: First transfer promo codes are available only to users who have never initiated a crypto transfer into their celsius network wallet. Users who have made previous transfers and/or already used a first transfer promo will not have the ability to activate another one. For the new readers ready to start earning returns, we suggest that you view our guide for activating celsius promo codes once you have download the celsius network app.

General transfers: General transfer promo codes are like the wild card of celsius promos. Celsius network users are free to transfer cryptocurrency of their choice to meet the promo code conditions. This includes using a mix of coins to meet the required transfer amount.

Coin-specific transfers: Coin-specific promo codes are just as they sound; celsius network users are required to transfer specific coins to meet the promo code requirements.

Loan requests: Loan request promo codes are for users applying for a new loan through celsius network. Typical loan promos offer borrowers with bonuses (based on the promo code conditions) upon the activation and approval of a new loan.

Referral code vs. Promo code

What’s the difference between referral codes and promo codes? The most straightforward answer is that referral codes can only be used during a new account sign up, while anyone can use promo codes at any time.

If you are a new user, read this post for the new user referral code to use on sign up.

Current users, browse for active promo codes that can be applied at any time.

Please help us improve and find the best codes for all users by commenting and upvoting the codes on this site.

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HODL on, celsius users!


  • Ryan

    New Celsius Network promo codes 90736, 23337, 62807, 76855, 82688, 91258, 51148, 74209 are now active for a FREE $40 in total when you deposit $100 for each and hold for a month

    WEB30 is now active for a FREE $30 when you deposit your first $200 worth of coins. START and GOLD20 are also active but you cannot stack first deposit codes unfortunately 🙁

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