celsius Referral Codes – How to use

How do celsius referral codes work?

By using unique celsius referral codes, you get a bonus reward for being a new user when meeting the initial deposit requirements. For example, using a referral code when creating your new account will earn you crypto (this value and coin has been changing recently) after making a qualifying initial transfer/deposit (also, these requirements are changing).

(Please note this is just an example, as celsius.network changes out the bonuses for referrals quite often, but they do consistently require that the initial deposit remains in the new account for at least 30 days.)

Upon completing your deposit, identity verification, and account confirmation, your reward will go into a 30-day hold, and you may not be able to see it when viewing your account in the celsius network app. Once the 30 days have passed, your reward be unlocked.

Keep in mind that withdrawing any amount of the initial deposit during the 30-day lock will result in a canceled reward. If this happens, there is no way for you to receive it again.

Where do you enter referral codes in the app?

You must download the celsius app and create a new account (or wallet) to use a referral code.

When first setting up your new account, you will click the “Have a referral code?” button, where you will then be prompted to enter your celsius referral code. If you received a link from your referral (for example, ours is: https://celsiusnetwork.app.link/108650636c) rather than the referral code in plain text, you can follow the link, download the app, and create your wallet. The referral code will be automatically populated in the referral code field.

celsius referral codes are in the format of: 108650636c

Please note that it is not possible to retroactively apply a referral code, meaning, if you have already set up your celsius wallet, you can no longer use a referral code. But don’t worry; you can still qualify for monetary bonuses in the form of promo codes. Check out our extensive list of promo codes instead.

Where is my referral code?

Once you have your wallet set up, you will find that one of the most significant benefits of referral codes is the bonus you get when other users sign up using your unique referral code. After they meet the requirements, you will receive the bonus payment in your celsius account.

Perform the following steps inside the app:

locating celsius referral codes in the celsius network mobile app
Where to find your referral code to send to others

Inside the celsius app, click the celsius logo in the bottom right, then “Refer your friends” – then send/share that link or code to your friends.

Need more help?

Refer to the official celsius.network help site.


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