Transfer $250,000 or more of any supported asset(s) to your Celsius wallet and receive $2500 in BTC.

– Funds must be transferred within 20 days of activating your promo code.

– You must maintain a wallet balance equal to or greater than your balance after completing your transfer of $250,000 or more.

– Withdrawing from your wallet within 90 days of completing your transfer may disqualify you from receiving your reward.

– Rewards are distributed after 90 days of maintaining a qualifying wallet balance.

Promo code is available for all users. Expired on June 12.


  • Tom

    I deposited 250k two weeks ago in order to qualify for the 2KSTABLE promo. It is now showing as cancelled. Would I qualify for this if I enter this code now?

  • Meg

    I deposited 250K and then entered the code to realize it had expired 2 days ago. I then had to withdraw the funds and am now waiting on the next promo. My mistake was not reading the fine print and moving it over only to have to have it locked up for 24hrs as I wait to move it out.

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