Transfer $400 or more of any supported asset(s) to your Celsius wallet and receive $50 in BTC.

– Funds must be transferred within 20 days of activating your promo code.

– You must maintain a wallet balance equal to or greater than your balance after completing your transfer of $400 or more.

– Withdrawing from your wallet within 30 days of completing your transfer may disqualify you from receiving your reward.

– Rewards are distributed after 30 days of maintaining a qualifying wallet balance.

Promo code is available to all users. Expired on June 12.


  • Patricia Pena

    For BTC 50: Do I need to transfer $400.00 at once or can it be a mix of different amounts to equal $400.00?

  • Nathan

    The Promo states FUNDS must be transferred in to the account within 20 days. So as long as your total transfer in totals at least 400 and you transfer(s) are completed within 20 days of activating the PROMO you are fine. Just make sure you do not transfer any funds out. If you go to your Profile and select “PROMO” it will show you win the PROMO is LOCKED meaning you have met the requirements. You will be paid out 30 days later.

  • Adam S

    I’ve received an email with the promo but no code. If I click on the link does it automatically enlist me in the promo? I do not see any code to enter in?

  • Ryan

    I activated the promo code BTC50 Monday evening (May 31) and transferred more than $400 of BTC June 2nd but the promo code has not locked for my $50 BTC reward. Can you please look into this?

  • Rober

    I activated the code today, by says I can transfer until the 13th. Wouldn´t it be until the 25th (20 days)? Thanks

  • Simon

    If it’s too expensive to deposit ERC-20 tokens don’t use them! Deposit LTC, Dash, Algorand – all those have almost zero transfer fees. Plus, they are cheap now.

  • Martin

    Question: If I transfer $400+ in a supported token, but its value drops temporarily to below $400, will the bonus still be credited? Or I need keep track of the price and send more when the USD price of my token goes down?

  • Kike

    No Martin, if the value when it arrives is over $400, does not matter if it falls to $200 the next day for example. That’s for sure. You are safe once is locked the code and you do not withdraw any money. Cheers

  • Shreyas Dilip

    I’ve also transferred 440$ to the account but the promo code is still showing pending. How long does it take for it to reflect?

  • Neelie

    i put twice 400$ usdt on my account and the code is still pending. does the application on IOS doesn’t work?

  • Kenny

    Kike – I was advised by Celsius support that if the value of my deposit dropped below $400 then I would lose the bonus – “Once you deposit $400 into your wallet to activate the BTC50 promo you need to keep the balance after the deposit in your wallet. So if you have $50 in your wallet and you deposit the $400 for the BTC50 promo you need to maintain $450.”

  • lucas

    hello activate the code BTC50 in the description it says 20 days that there is available to transfer funds but in the celsius application it says 13jun expires? Do I have 20 days to transfer funds or 10 days? pending says promo code

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