Apply for a loan by June 16, 2021 and receive the following bonus:

Borrow $500+, get $25 BTC
Borrow $5,000+, get $50 BTC
Borrow $10,000+, get $75 BTC

Loan terms: must be issued in stablecoins, only valid for loans at 0.75-1% APR (25% LTV)

  • Rewards will be distributed by June 30, 2021.
  • Rewards will be unlocked 6 months after loan origination date.
  • One reward per user based on total borrowing amount.

Shared during the Bitcoin 2021 Conference, submitted by community-member.

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  • Jeremy

    If you take a loan, the wallet amount decreases. Will this affect your other Promo codes such as BTC50?

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