Transfer in $200 dollars, hold for 30 days, get $40 in DAI

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  • Somebody or Nobody

    Hello, I’ve been looking at the platform for the last month or so and decided to register yesterday but the latest changes in the promo/referral codes turned me off.

    Can you still use referral and “NEW40” promo code together for your first transfer? I wanted to register and use both codes for $70 bonus on $500 first transfer. Depending on how I would like the platform, I would likely deposit $5000 more within the first month (and use other promo codes for these transfers as well). After that possibly quadrupling it if after few months everything worked well with the platform. And than we will see. I’ve also wanted to tell my friends about the platform and the codes if my experience would be positive to get more of the cashback 🙂 but only $40 is not interesting bonus.

    Yesterday I’ve found out on the internet that it’s no longer possible to use referral and promo code together, you can only choose one of them. I wanted to ask, is this true? Can someone confirm this?

    I wanted to give the platform a try because of the bonuses, without them I’m not interested and will rather use the money for other type of investments.

  • Kike

    I have used promo code and referal 2 days ago and one day ago and it´s working (shows “Promo code blocked” and “Referal blocked” as well). Just as 2 months ago when I did it as well. So, it should work both fine. But not sure, as I have to wait one month before it´s “confirmed”.

    Hope it helps

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